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Pandast 24 hour stream: 29-30th July, 2014.

Streaming tomorrow!
4 days left.
Made a few tweaks, let’s try this again:

Startin’ 5pm Central, 29th July.
In order. No specific time schedule:

  • Mario Kart 8.
  • Borderlands 2. (w/Guests)
  • [Panda solo-run] (Finishing) Mirror’s Edge.
  • L4D2. (w/Guests)
  • Cards against humanity. (w/Chat)
  • Goat Simulator. (local co-op)
  • Worms Revolution. (w/Guests)
  • [Lu solo-run] Lucius.
  • Minecraft (local co-op)
  • Boardgames Online. (w/Chat)
  • GMod: Prop Hunt/Melonbomb/Murder (w/Guests)
  • Town of Salem. (w/Chat)

Aaaaand that would be the new roster!

No time specifications, this is just in rough order.
If you’d like to know what game we’re on, you can follow my twitter - I’ll update at every game change.

Last stream we’ve fixed the PC problems, so hopefully this time it won’t mess up again. See you guys there~

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Ahh just wanted to say your blog is really great and your music is nice and calming, and helps settles my nerves for exams tomorrow ^-^ thank you!


Thank you! I’m glad you like my taste in music!

Good luck on your exam! Hope it goes/went well!

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Hi Lu! I'd like to say that I love your streams with Panda and your art is amazing! Have a great day!




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I'd like to hear your opinion on this: Everyone you love will hurt you in some way. Directly or indirectly, unintentionally or on purpose. There's no way of preventing that, unless you distance yourself from them. The problem is that by doing that you're hurting yourself swallowing feelings and having to be alone most of the time; not just in a phisical way. So we only get to choose if we let others hurt us or if we hurt ourselves.

I don’t think being hurt is important in the grand scale of things.

It’s an emotion, it’s normal.
Everybody gets hurt.
Everybody delivers hurt.

And it’s definitely not something worth stressing over. Especially if you’re going to be hurt one way or another, then why be afraid of it?

The idea is way too drastic.

To me, that’s as pointless as saying you’re afraid of walking because you may pull a muscle so you’d rather sit and starve.

Everyone’s so afraid of hurt they forget that it’s a part of living, growing. You get hurt, you get up, and you heal. You become stronger, taller, because now you know hurt can’t do shit to you. After all, you can’t expect to level up in a game without even trying to beat first level. 

So put in some goddamn effort.

Stop waiting and learn to pick yourself up.

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What's your opinion on the nash Grier situation and do you think he deserved the hate and threats he gets


I had to go look this up first cause I wasn’t too familiar with the situation.

Nash Grier.

Some 16 year old teenager who made it big on Vine with 8.7M followers, notorious for his controversial and extremely homophobicracist, or sexist contents. 

People are excusing his actions by saying “He’s just a teenager” or “It’s just a joke.” Most of whom are prepubescent girls who are smitten with the boy for his blue eyes and dimples.

Apparently, he’s recently partnered up with AwesomenessTV (reportedly acquired by DreamWorks last May) to get his own movie.

The last bit was the most concerning information for me.

Bitter truth, but in reality stupid kids like him are everywhere. The fault with him is that he holds the responsibility to a vast audience and a generation’s expectations. 

A bad example like him getting out to the mainstream media, and set as a role model to young audiences sounds like a goddamn nightmare.

This doesn’t mean that popularity was his downfall - his downfall is his ignorance. The media doesn’t make him homophobic, or racist, or sexist. The media only expose it.

Or rather, the media only amplifies it. He’s done a pretty good job exposing it by himself. Can’t get dumber than that. I’m not surprised he’s receiving hate.

And I’m not too concerned with the excuses set in his favour. Desperate people can only resort to desperate excuses in a situation as blatantly unjustified as his is. 

He’s 16, he may not be a legal adult but he is not a blubbering toddler who doesn’t know what he’s saying, there are teens his age contributing to cancer research for god’s sakes. Did you really need to resort to comparing him to a senseless child to compensate for his ignorance?

Don’t try to protect him. Let him learn.
Teach him the consequences of his actions. After all, he brought this upon himself. I just hope he’ll get something out of this lesson.

Thought I believe the complaints and bad publicity are well-deserved, I’m still not one to agree with death-threats.

Don’t stoop as low as that.

He’s not worth the effort.

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I fucking died at that part.

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Happy (super belated) Birthday Red!~

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Support Kiwa creating Art, Animation, Speedpaints and tutorials

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Hi, I just want to say that your art is truly amazing! :D And, I was wondering, how long have you been drawing?


Thank you! I’m happy to hear that!

Recreationally, been drawing since I could hold a pen. Though it’s only in the past three or four years that I’ve began to draw seriously.