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This might not be an ask, but I felt the need to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me, not only as an artist, but as a person. You are awesome in a way I dream of being, and I'm just happy there is people like you in this life - A happy fan :3


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Gonna finish the game that started Pandast.
5pm CST. Be there.<3

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I really love Lunast and her wings ok. And I wanted to practice some things so I guess Lunast became test subject. Have a sketchy pic.

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how big are your boobs? p.s. i want pics to prove this :P


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your really good at art, you should do a draw my life! :D



How do I put this?

… There isn’t much worth sharing?
… There isn’t much I want to share.
… There isn’t much I’ll allow myself to share.

I don’t think my story has that sort of… significant moral value. I’ve been through things, sure. But none of which I feel is significant enough to be confronted with or brought to show and tell.

So nope, sorry! 
Not any time soon.

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"I just got into Let’s Players lately"

"Ah, that’s cool-"

"Have you heard of Cry?"

"And you should check out his crew, the LNC. They stream every saturday night-"

"Apparently they’re getting an fan-anime made, isn’t that cool?"

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Title: Chlo you cunt.

Artist: 24 hour Charity Stream

348 plays
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People getting all butthurt about Jund and acting like he’s some sort of antichrist because he voiced his opinion towards his friends..


How about you stop being giant suckups and let people solve their issues alone?

Seriosuly guys, you’re ridiculous stop being so fucking obsessed with other people’s relationships, you’re CREEPY AS FUCK

It’s kinda funny seeing people tearing their hearts out to defend a relationship they hardly know.

4 cereal tho. All good intentions but fuck the tag needs to learn how to chill it, Jund’s got his opinions towards a thing and you’ve got yours, stop taking it like he’s personally offended you.

Christ almighty.


Soooo, I did a thing. A thing called fan art. It’s Lunast. She’s amazing. Kbay. (Blury picture is blury)