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Payment Info

  • Send me references and details about the drawing, I´ll tell you how much it should be (cca), if you´re okay with that, you can pay the first half and i´ll start drawing. I´ll send you the sketch, wait for your approval and then finish the commission. You can send me the other half of the payment after receiving the finished product~ (+an extra hour if there´s any)
  • Paypal (

Sooooo, my computer pretty much broke today. I´ve borrowed one from my family in Belgium, but i´ll have to buy something myself eventually. I´ve been saving up for Cintiq Companion, so all commission money will go on that little thing ^^ (And food. Food is important.)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day <3

feel free to message me for any extra info <3

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Yo Lunast, shaved or unshaved? And this is for both duh D und duh Puh.


Are you talking about my preferences or subtly implying that I’m futa?

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Hi How old are you if you don't mind me asking?


I’m of legal age.

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Is there really an ingrown toenail embedded in the tip of your dick?


What the everloving fuck.

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So, if you know smoking's bad, what exactly made you start? Not judging here, just want to know (but you really should quit, Lunast).


I wanted to kill something inside me.

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You use paypal. Do you know if you can receive money from someone on paypal and not have to connect a bank account or credit card?


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Hey Lu, looking for some art advice here. I have no problem with coming up with ideas whenever someone tells me what to draw, or gives me a prompt, but when I try to make something for myself, I don't know how. I've become so used to people asking - or demanding - things of me that I can no longer make anything for my own pleasure. Help?


  • Start doing less prompts, and more just original art. Be it just mindless doodles or art studies.
  • Maybe try a bit of both - take a prompt and develop it, give it your twist. Mix it up and give it variety, take control of your own art.
  • Or you can go cold turkey - completely shut off requests and just relax. Take a break. Draw whenever your inspiration strikes.
  • Prompt yourself, inspire yourself. Draw what YOU want to see.
  • Most importantly: This is your art, your life, and you have the control over it. So just do whatever makes you happy.
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Has anyone called you Lunast Lovegood? Cause you remind me of her.


100% Canon.

I am Loony Lovegood.


My first episode of FireRed

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Hi. So I need a little help on drawing. I'm doing good on the head and the face it's just the body. You see I'm a teenager and I can't draw my female body parts because they end up to high,too big,etc. So help? (So sorry to bother you it's just getting really annoying to draw my self)