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What is your opinion on "otherkin"?


I don’t know.

I don’t want to be narrow-minded.

Maybe it’s just due to my lack of experience or knowledge in the field, but from what I know and have learnt about trans-identities, I don’t know how to feel about any of the otherkins, transethnics, or similar trans-categories.

There’s the lack of scientific evidence: Whereas transgendered or non-binary people suffer gender dysphoria due to the imbalance of male/female hormones as well as being born with a variation different genotypes, I really don’t see how a biological explanation can come of otherkins or transethnics. Only psychological. 

And based on the little that I’ve learnt from taking Psychology as a subject and what I’ve managed to teach myself, I don’t see trans-identities such as these to be anything more than either subconscious or conscious imitation or desire of another as a form of coping with their own dysphoria or self-doubt, probably stemming from a deeper issue.

Even transethnic dysphoria has a more solid psychological evidence to support it. For example, children (orphans, usually) isolated from their roots raised in other cultures would adapt and behave accordingly to their culture through observational learning according to Bandura’s Social Learning theory. The only instance for otherkins’ to suffer from trans-species dysphoria is from being raised by animals and have been brought up isolated from humanity. 

Which, most otherkins are not.

It’s not to say that their dysphoria aren’t valid. And not saying all trans-identities are valid in their dysphoria because frankly, not all of them are legit either. The issue within this is not what type of trans-identity you are, but how you identify as your identity.

I feel like there’s a fine line between an identity purely driven by want or fetishization and one that has more of a biological or solid psychological basis.

It just happens that most otherkins I know are not brought up by wolves or mermaids or other beings and their behaviour has not been conditioned by their surroundings, but consciously performed.

Which brings me to the second question: The Schrödinger’s paradox that is otherkins identifying as supernatural identities that may or may not ever have existed without human imagination.

By what rules and behaviour do these otherkins identify to? To what extent can you identify as a species that may not exist? If humans never came up with the idea of your species, does that mean you never existed?

I don’t know.

There’s too much that I simply don’t know, and not nearly enough information about it for me to form an opinion about it.

Like I’ve claimed. I’m no expert in this field. So I’m going to stay neutral about it. I will respect people for who they are, regardless of their identity, because in the end, it’s what they do that matters.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, identify as how you please.

Just… don’t do it for the wrong reasons.

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Though I’ve drawn both lunast and thepandabadger before, never together.

So here’s a little commemoration of your guys’ 25 hour stream. You’ve helped some children’s futures be a bit brighter!

A Pandast tea party, everybody~

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I miss Texas.

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thepandabadger replied to your post: anonymous said:How can one manage…

Offer me nudes.

* Offer us nudes.

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How can one manage to get your Skype address from you ? (without hacking of course, D'UH)


Trade it from the Devil with your soul.<3

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I made a post about How to start Digital Art a while back, it’s got some decent information on types of tablets and advice towards gettin’ them.

Unfortunately, my only tablet was given to me as a present a reaaaaal long time ago and it’s been lovely so I’ve just went with it. I’m not a professional artist and I as an expert on this field as anybody with access to Google.

That said, just a quick note to address something: I’m so happy and overwhelmed every time I see someone come to little old me for advice on anything, but please remember that I’m not an Encyclopedia.

I can give my personal or professional opinion on things, or lend an ear. But I’m really not up to posting second-hand articles from Google for every ask.

I will try to get to everyone in my inbox if I can, but there’s just been an influx of it lately and it’d help so much if you could spare me a second and use Google or come off-anon. It would work so much better.

I will respect your privacy, it would be totally confidential. I don’t judge at all and I’d get back to you 10 times quicker. It’s just that there is a lot of questions that I’ve already answered before and if you were off-anon I’d be more than willing to help you find that post and link it to you, give you personal help, or guide you through it in the long run.

Also, I try to tag general things and advices, so look through the #tutorial #tutorials #lgbtq #artists on tumblr #advices #thoughts #long post tags or whatnot they’re usually tagged as on my blog beforehand to make sure that your question isn’t answered already.

So… just keep that in mind next time you’re about to hit anon. It’d save us both so much time and make it easier, yeah? Alright.<3

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Don't you wish your girlfriend was gay like me????



Honestly i dont know what the fuck she is and i dont plan on having an explanation. She loves me and i can roll with that.


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Finally managed to do my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, thanks Luna for the nomination! Sorry about terrible filming, my attempt at censoring peoples names & just my general awkwardness…

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Fucking Hell Man.


So I was just looking at the social blade site for twitch and it said at the rate we were going we weren’t going to reach 600 followers till January. 

We got that in 25 hours.

It also said we wouldn’t get to 12,000 channel views until Febuary.

We got that in 25 hours.

All because a good group did a cool thing. Thanks LNC.

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ThePandaBadger singing for the children